Who am I

I started out in the early 2000`s when I finished my initial service in the army, with camcorders and film cameras making memories with my friends.

We would grab our axes and tents and leave the city for the weekend.

These trips and my year in the army up north in Norway triggered a love for the outdoors wich is a big part of who I am today.

I am currently living in a small town near Eidsvoll in Norway. Its a small rural town surrounded by woodlands, hills, lakes and Oslo airport.


When I'm not out hiking with my camera I spend a lot of time in my garage wich has been transformed into a workshop for woodworking. Here I make furniture and picture frames for my images.

I also have a long history with music. I played in a band

wich actually got signed to a major label. I still have all my guitars and a studio at home, but I'm just playing for the love of it now.



My life partner in crime is the wonderful Tinna.

Tinna is a photographer from Iceland, and we have been living together since 2004, and married since 2012.

My first visit to Iceland made my jaw drop. 

Having a personal tour guide with local knowledge of elves and sagas makes the experience so much better. Having family to stay with keeps the budget fair as well. 

I have now visited Iceland four times and my love for it keeps on growing. 

Check out Tinna`s photography over at:



I am currently working full time as a content creator

for a company called Trippel-M in Oslo.

I mainly work with video and other visuals for clients.

If you want to collaborate or want to involve me in your project please contact me. 

My photography

My main category of photography is landscapes & nature.

I love going out early in the morning, making coffee on the camp fire while waiting for a sunrise.

I like to experiment with different techniques and formats. I love nailing a 300 image panorama or a 3 hour exposure. 


Night photography is hard, but that's why its so rewarding when you stare at the black screen for 20 seconds and you suddenly hear a click and the night sky reveals itself.

I would say that my photography is my way of therapy.

Its a way for me to focus on nature and a sense of being a member of this planet. I do other types of photography as well but my base will always be related to nature.

Alexander Henriksen. Landscape photographer based in Norway. Fotokunst til salgs. Veggbilder. Original fine art. Lofoten photo. Lofoten Photography. Iceland photography. Kjøpe bilder, selge bilder, gitalex, instagram, stdokksnes, island, bilder fra island.

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