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Updated: Dec 27, 2018

2019 is just around the corner and I have decided to go a step further with my photography and other creative projects.

A selfie on thin ice.

Last year was great. My new years resolution for 2018 was to spend more time outdoors.

And boy did I!, I went to Lofoten, Iceland (twice!) and roamed my local woods both with a camera and without as much as i could.

"Focusing on Instagram makes me forget why I started in the first place. I will still be on Instagram and social media, but I will try to connect with people in other ways as well"

If there's room for one more on youtube, i might end up there.

But there are oh so many Thomas Heatons and Nick Paiges out there. Wonder if i can add value in a way. We will see.

Selling my art

This is one of the things I have been thinking of for a long long time.

I have finally come to the point where i feel I have some Images I feel is up to snuff and tells a story worth paying for. It has been a long road but the test prints are looking amazing!

This is a turning point. If I can make enough money from prints to pay for a new camera

Im going to be so proud.

I will also be doing reviews of photography related gear I bought, some tutorials for Lightroom and Photoshop and maybe even some behind the scenes stuff if there is any interest for that sort of content.

I have accumulated terabytes of video on my travels. Maybe I can find an outlet for videos of the Auroras in Lofoten and Icelandic sunsets?

I honestly appreciate your support and love getting new friends on social media, so keep them DM`s coming :)

Alexander Henriksen.



Alexander Henriksen. Landscape photographer based in Norway. Fotokunst til salgs. Veggbilder. Original fine art. Lofoten photo. Lofoten Photography. Iceland photography. Kjøpe bilder, selge bilder, gitalex, instagram, stdokksnes, island, bilder fra island.

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